The APAC Story

Being headquartered in Hong Kong, our expertises come from Big 4, 1st tier global valuation firm, international banks and multi-national corporations with over 10 years professional experience. We aims at providing comprehensive and all-rounded valuation and consultancy services to private and public companies, business owners, accounting firms, asset management companies, investment funds and small and medium enterprises, etc to meet their needs and help them to maximize their value under complex business circumstances.

Our dedicated professional group, including CFA, CPA, RPS, etc, is highly experienced in conducting different sophisticated valuations/appraisals and providing corporate advisory services. In recent years, our professional services are extended to cover Internal Audit, Corporate Secretaries, and other secretarial supports.

Company Culture


To be one of the best international professional services group.


To provide all rounded and reliable professional services to all of our strategic business partners all over the world and let each of them satisfy and create value in every encounter with our partners.


Our success is built on a foundation of our personal and professional integrity as we believe that “Integrity” is the basic building block for doing any business. This culture of performance with integrity let us become your long-term reliable partner.


We believe that Independence is your primary reason for engaging a professional. We perform our duties impartially to obtain the trust of customers and establish long-term cooperative relationship.


We adhere to the highest standards in our professions to ensure that each of our clients realize the full benefits as a result of our business platform. The strength and trusted of our teams will continue to lead and empower us to be a global consultancy group.

Our Team

All our expertise are well trained with extensive experience in different industries. Most of them come from Big 4 audit firms, 1st tier global valuation firm, international banks and multi-national corporations. We are highly experienced and creative to provide the best solutions to our clients.

Our Qualification

Chartered Financial Analyst

Certified Public Accountant

Member of Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors

International Certified Valuation Specialist

Registered Professional Surveyors (General Practic)